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Tattoo Overview

Tattoo Designs
Tattoo designs and tattoo articles. The pages on this site is all about great tattoo designs.

Tattoo art Gallery
Gallery of tattoos. Find ideas for your next tattoo design here. We have chinese tattoos and much more.

Swallow Tattoos - Your Best Bird
Swallow Tattoos have a rich history that every body art fan should be aware of before getting inked.

Tattoo face
Gallery of tattoos. Find ideas for your next tattoo design here. We have chinese tattoos and much more.

Getting a tattoo
This is how you get a tattoo. Guide to choosing your next or maybe your first tattoo.

Choosing a tattoo theme
Want a themed tattoo? Tattoo your whole body with a theme.

Parent issues because of a tattoo
Whats up with the parents that wont allow their kids a tattoo. As long as they are of age I see no problem. Tattoo all you want.

Dirty tattoos

Does it hurt to get a tattoo - YES!
Can't stand the pain from tatto making? No need to are not the first one to chicken out!

Prison tattoos
This is about prison tattoos. What drives the criminal mind to tattoos? Break the prison tattoo code...

Biker tattoos
This article is about Biker tattoos. What drives the bikes to have tattoos? Break the biker tattoo code...

Tattoo history

Popular Reasons for Getting a Rose Tattoo
Got a thing for rose tattoos? Try the sentimental rose tattoo design.

Tribal tattoos
Tribal tattoos for everyone. This is what tribal is all about. Putting the tribe back in to tribal tattoos.

Dolphin tattoos
Do you know what the Dolphin tattoo actually means? Dolphin tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo choices today.

Chinese Zodiac tattoos translation
Translations of chinese Zodiac symbols. Chinese tattoos looks perfect, but only when done right.

Lower Back Tattoos
Gallery of Lower Back Tattoos. Lower back tattoo designs that fits perfectly on your lower back.

Sailor tattoos

Quotes from the holy Tattoo Bible
This is truly a funny article from the not so famous tattoo bible.

Japanese tattoo style
This is about japanese tattoos. Only very few know how to make an original japanese tattoo design.

Tattoo removal
Once the tattoo is there it's there. It is not easy to remove a tattoo, but it can be done.

Nope...size doesn't matter...
Should I get a big tattoo design or should I start out with something smaller? I'd say go for the big design!

Theories on tattoo
Why was the art of tattoo and other body arts invented?

Chaos in the barracks- Military tattoos
We have brave soldiers, but they have terrible looking tattoos.

Japanese tattoo history
Ever considered a japanese tattoo design - learn from japanse history. Where can you obtain a truly japanese tattoo?

Permanent make up
This is my first article on permanent make up. Remember permanent make up is just permanent!

Permanent make up
Permanent make up - a quick way to beauty. But permanent make up is also dangerous if done wrong. Read all about permanent make up.

Football and tattoos
See football tattoos. Think twice before getting a football tattoo - your team might be playing in the conference league next year!

Fan tattoos
Get a tattoo with your favourite band og something else - fan tattoos? Choose to add a fan tattoo to your collection of tattoos.

Brand tattoos
Considering a brand tattoo? Read more about brand tattoos. Brand tattoos are becoming mainstream.

Celebrity tattoos
Many people have tattoos - even famous people gets a tattoo. Do you know what celeb got the most tattoos?

Tattoo articles - older
Older articles on tattoos.

Need to look like a pro? A tattoo can help
Can a tattoo help me pick chicks? I think so, but depends on if she digs tattoos or not.

It's just a sitemap for crying out loud.

Stop scratching your Tattoo
A new tattoo will most likely make you wanna scratch it.

Tattoos proved to provoke hangover
What came first...the hangover or the tattoo? Don't get drunk just to stand the pain from a new tattoo.

Underage tattoos
Tattoos for children under 18? It should nor happen but it is happening. Might as well deal with it and try to educate our tattoo designers better.

Choosing a tattoo artist
So you wabt a tattoo, do ya? Beware to choose the right tattoo artist for the job.

That's why tattoos are cool
Cool tattoo designs for your next tattoo

Tattos in the porn industry
Tattoo designs in the oldest industry.

Tattoos and fashion
Tattoos - just another fashion. Semi-permanent tattoos as part of your wardrobe.

How to make money with your tattoos
Turn your body into a money making machine with brand tattoos all over your body.

Choosing a spot for your tattoo
It matters a great deal where on your body you place your tattoo. Don't place a dolphin tattoo in your forehead - People will make fun of you.

Tribal Tattoo anyone...?
Story about my friends tribal tattoo. Also about what I at first thought of it.

FDA warns about Permanent Makeup
Warning about permanent makeup? The FDA warns about permanent make up.

The Meaning Behind Dolphin Tattoos
Dolphin Tattoo designs and tattoo general articles. Dolphin tattoos look stunning, but only when done right.

Tribal Tattoo Designs and Variations
Tribal tattoos are becomming mainstream. Still they tend to be this summers hottest trend again.

Meaning of the Rose tattoo
Memorial Rose Tattoo designs and the history of the rose tattoo.

Choosing a tattoo artist
It's a good idea you know what to look for before you choose a tattoo artist. Dont choose the wrong tattoo artist.

Think before you tattoo
Things to consider before you get a tattoo. There are many factors to think of before you get a tattoo. Follow our tattoo guide.

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